Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Friends in South America

It has been way long since I have posted.  My life became very busy with the end of the semester, getting visas to travel, and visitors!  Above here you are going to see 2 people that have been constant spiritual leaders throughout my life thus far.  Their travel plans landed them in Buenos Aires for one day together. Kate (The sis) and Dan Urban (friend, old sunday school teacher, life teacher) and I got to spend lunch at Cafe Tortoni, some bone old Cafe in Buenos Aires, tango history and what not.  Anyways, It was great to have them here...I had not seen family in like 5 months so it was refreshing.  God Has blessed me with amazing people in my life.  Wasnt really expecting anybody past immediate family to jump down a hemisphere to come visit me...just leave it to Urb the world traveler.

I am currently in Brazil.  Needless to say I am in Love and plan on learning Portuguese next, maybe teaching English and/or Spanish in Brazil while learning Portuguese?  I will have to talk that over with my brain to see if he can handle it.  Above here we have some awesome friends I met while working at a YMCA camp in Trinity, TX 2 years ago.   Finally I have made it to their country to see them and I feel like I am visiting family, it has been so great.  Tica, Felipe, Christina and I are chewing on sugar cane in this pic.  I need to start planting that stuff in my back yard when I get back to the states.  It would be a great substitute for dip Kate ;)  One thing I noticed while being here is How distance can never ruin a friendship or bond between people, if it is real.  My family and I showed them hospitality 2 years ago, and Their families have been just as amazing to me!  It has been so nice to have this after 5 months of weird, awkward, and different routine in Buenos Aires (although I love it).  Anyways, I thank God for putting these people in my life.  I believe He has been glorified in our relationships from 2 years ago and still today, which is the most important thing of all, God´s glory.

Oh, the food is amazing here...They wont stop feeding me, I love it, but Im sure I will regret it, not.  Once I get my pics on my computer I will put up a picture of the ultimate game day food, moreso for fĂștbol(soccer) but I could knock out about 3 at a Razorback game.