Saturday, April 19, 2008

Ciudad de Humo

So I guess the agricultural process of choice in Argentina is still the slash and burn method. My bus ride/walk home the other night ended with me smelling like a camp fire.
I would have usually enjoyed this smell if I had spent my night hanging with friends around a campfire, but I did not. Buenos Aires is being attacked by smoke from the North. Roads are closed.
Tonight I went to an English Club to help teach. It was fun, and even better I was able to speak mucho Spanish despues.

I also have an opportunity to volunteer with a group called Fundacion TEMAS. Some of the times conflict with school, but it should be manageable. It is nice to be in contact with some type of organization, I have attempted a couple times before. I also had an interview with an English Institute for a job the other day. They did not have any openings for me as of now, they need some more advanced students that just need conversation classes and practice with a native speaker before the need me. Atleast I am on their list though.

Met a Peruvian, Columbian, and two Misioneras (girls from la Provincia Misiones) tonight at a Campus Crusade thing. It was very cool. This was after the English Club. I will be attending this ever friday night.

Hasta pronto, chau...

Wednesday, April 2, 2008


Yes, today is a holiday.
I just figured out my password again so i can continue to blog.
today is Día del Veterano de Guerra y los caídos en Malvinas
There is not too much celebration because it is in rememberance of the decietful and devestating war against England over the Falkland Islands.
I am going to try and check out the memorial today to see if there are any ceremonies.
2 weeks of school have passed. Not too bad, just a lot of reading. My newest class Traditions and Cultures is going to be my favorite.
We are currently discussing the Mapuche people, which are an indigenous tribe here in argentina. more to come.