Monday, December 15, 2008


I have realized that I know about a lot of things, but just a few details about each one.  I usually do not see this as a problem.

It is a problem when it comes to the most important thing to me, which would be my relationship with Christ and Belief in God.  Also when I cannot express that which is on my mind.

I have found myself studying, reading, hearing, and believing a lot of information that I can not re-express.  What good is this if I can not share?  How can God use me if I can not share what I have learned in my own words through my own thought processes using examples of real experiences in my life. 

For awhile I have thought I would be prepared for encounters with non-believers, old friends or people with different views, but a couple recent conversations have proven me wrong.  They were not complete failures, but I was not able to let God fully express Himself through me to these people I was speaking with.

We can say awesome quotes, lyrics, movie lines, or passages from books but it will not fully share who God is in us personally.  Yes these things help, but being able to interpret it and apply it to yourself personally is what we have to do in order that one can see the Glory of God in us and first hand.  I believe that if i were able to do this it would guarantee a showing of God's Glory.  Although C.S. Lewis (insert favorite author, person, pastor, leader, historical figure) is insanely good with his words and expressing his ideas, they will just be another quote for somebody.  It is not personal.

Basically I am fed up with myself and my lack of ability to be able to be unique in sharing the Glories of God in my life with people I love.  We underestimate the beauty of God in our own lives and try to bulk up our experiences to fit the qualifications that the world puts upon life changing experiences or "exciting" stories.

What do I take from this rambling of thoughts?  I want to be able to take a verse from the Bible, a speech I hear, a book I read, a song I hear, or a conversation I have and express it to myself over and over until I really learn from it.  I want to put it in my own words.  I want to be ready for the next time God gives me the opportunity to share anything with anybody.  Like always, easier said than done.